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Engrave on the Curved Surface of a Bottle Made Of Ceramic

- Mar 20, 2018 -

Not only can the fiber marking machine mark on the flat surface, but it can mark on the curved surface.

Here is a picture that we use fiber laser marking machine to mark on a bottle of wine made of ceramic.


We use this table design fiber laser marking machine called HBS-GQ-20A. It has the following advantages:

① Motorized Z Axis: the marking head can moves up/down automatically with motorized motor system;

② High Speed Scanner Head: installed with high speed scanners to achieve fast marking and engraving;

③ Focus Finder System: two extra focus pointer will showing the exactly focus(when two red line cross into one point, that means the marking head is in right position), helps the operator to find the focus very easily, enhance the production efficiency.

④ Calibration Aluminum Plate: for fixing jigs for mass production.

⑤ Button for Motorized Axis: control the marking head move up or down;

⑥ Heavy-duty Bearing Wheels: the bearing wheels is with stop switch, which can support the weight up to 200kg;

⑦ Internal controlling systems: inside of the door, it's the controlling system for the whole machine. This controlling system is specially designed, with fine lines layout, high safety and consistency of performance;

⑧ Safety Lock: the safety lock is used for avoiding opening the door by mistakes, avoid electricity hazards happened during mal-operation, the lock is with security key, that only can be open by special keys, in this way, the safety will be highly secured.  

⑨ Emergency Stop: during the operation, if any emergency incidence happens, the machine can be stopped quickly by pushing the emergency stop button;

⑩ Laser Generator Switch: the key is used for switch on/off the laser generator;

⑾ Main power switch: control the main power, only the main power is switched on and then the laser power can be started; this design will increase the safety and protect the whole machine;

⑿ Industry Touch Screen Penal Computer: monitor and the computer is integrated, touch screen design, compact, easy to operate with versatile function.


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