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Reliable & Permanent Markings with Laser Marking

- Mar 26, 2018 -

In machine construction lots of metal parts need to be marked with barcodes, serial numbers and company logos for traceability. 

The markings must be resistant to both weather conditions and mechanical stress. Time is also very key when marking large numbers of components or workpieces. The high speed marking of metals suits for the needs. It is also useful for marking tools including milling and drilling tools. 

Laser marking machines offer the flexibility to mark even very small and fine details with highly legible and durable markings. The contactless and chemical free laser marking process ensures no changes in the mechanical properties while reducing wear and tear to a minimum. A laser beam is a complete tool for marking any metal or alloy ensuring an environmentally friendly production. 

HBS laser marking and laser engraving metal: stainless steel, high-speed steels, alloy steels, aluminium, anodised aluminium, titanium, titanium alloys, brass, copper, etc.


We have two types of laser marking machine, one is suitable for static marking, which means the machine marks when the workpiece is static. If customers want to equip the laser marking machine with their production lines, they should use the flying marking machine to mark on the fly.


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