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How To Mark On Uneven Surface?

- Mar 30, 2018 -

Industrial Parts traceability and identity is an increasingly popular requirement for safety and management of the increasing number of parts in different industries. Permanent and robust identification of industrial parts are very crucial in manufacturing processes.

The identification marks can trace serial numbers and other vital statistics accurately and recisely.

Part-marking can also be used to engrave logos, labels, customer info and all manner of information. Lasers and other impact 2-D data marking methods are available today for use in a wide range of metal components.

HBS-380D (9).jpg

HBS Dot Peen Marking Machine can work on uneven surfaces in various industries such as automotive, energy, metal processing, medical, military, mining, oil and gas, electrical and electronics etc. With integrated touchscreen and built-in software, you don’t need an extra PC to operate it. You can also choose the trolley.

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