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Industry Related To Fiber Lasers

- Mar 23, 2018 -

In order to solve the increasing needs for cost reduction, fiber lasers are becoming more and more popular in the industry of automobile, electronices, construction, iron and steel and aerospace, etc.

Semiconductor devices improve in structure integration. Fiber lasers are being utilized in a thin-layer micro-drilling, cutting or high-precision film-removing processes. The newly introduced technology is making a difference in machining speed as well as cost reduction. 

Fiber laser is introduced to steel production process gradually. Its excellent beam quality enables to narrow the spot size down to the ideal condition. Focused beam with high energy density is to cut thick plate appropriately. On top of that, through-put and productivity in heavy industry could be dramatically improved with the superior wall-plug efficiency as well as maintenance-free investment efficiency.

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Aerospace industry needs highly environmentally-resistant parts and modules which can be used in vacuum space or exposed to high radiation. As excellent processing technologies are indispensable to produce engine parts made of specialty alloys for instance, fiber lasers could be the ideal choice for this sort of important elemental processing technology.

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