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The Advantage of HBS Dot Peen Marking System

- Mar 21, 2018 -

①Easy to move: with trolley system, the operator can moves the machine to whereever he want;

②Easy to operate: type and then mark, very easy to use the machine. New user can grasp the operation of this machine within 20 minutes ONLY;

③The trolley system have battery holder, which can equip with internal car battery; no need external power supply anymore; Then the machine can operate in remote area with no power supply;

④Optional marking area: 30mm x 80mm, 30mm x 130mm, 60mm x130mm

⑤Suitable for outdoor operation. This design is suitable for using in big factory or outdoor environment, the operator can takes the machine everywhere as the marking is required. Or, the machine can be operate in non-power-supply area, with its own internal battery.

⑥Versatile of function: Electrically powered dot peen marking system 380D can function without the compressed air supply. The marking head only connects with the supply unit, very easy to carry around and can mark on heavy, complex or large objects. Even though 380D is powered by electricity, it is still powerful as the pneumatic marking systems, marking results will be sharp and clean. 


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