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The Advantage Of Laser Engraving/Marking

- Apr 04, 2018 -

Permanent Marking

Once laser engraved, the message or logo remains with the product for life, which adds value to the product.


Graphic Flexibility

Graphics, Logos, text, trademarks, symbols and other vector images can easily be marked onto various items.

Sequential Marking

Sequence number processing is controlled by computer. As technology has developed more intricate and detailed images and logos can be transferred onto many surfaces.


Repeat Marking

As the process is electronically controlled high positioning accuracy of laser marking can be replicated many times ensuring consistent quality from the first to the very last product.


Top-Grade Quality

Due to the precision of the laser beam, markings produced are accurate throughout the production process and are high quality, crisp, clean and permanent. Laser marking can achieve accuracy in small detail engravings. Products are “brought to life” when logos and messages are etched through our high quality laser engraving process.Company logos are produced with clarity and legibility down to minium character since marking is non-contact.



Laser engraving is a controlled process with no consumbles. It is an environmentally friendly non-contact engraving compared to traditional chemical etching, silk screening.

Unlike other methods of etching, no chemicals or high temperatures are used in the laser engraving process. No dust or chemical waste is left behind. Engraving on uneven surfaces is easily done due to the fact that the beam of light is easy to control and focus on various surfaces. 


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