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The Difference Between Diodes Laser and Fiber Laser

- Feb 23, 2018 -

Diodes Laser

Fiber Laser

Generation of marking machine 






Electricity Consumption



Cooling system

water cooling

air cooling


Glass diodes tube: should be changed 

every 3 months.

HBS ensures our laser source can be 

used at least 100,000 hrs with proper 

operation with no consumables.

Working Principle

The electric be transformed to laser and 

transferred by lens and glass tubes, and 

then to the galvanometer. During the 

process of transfer, the laser losses a lot.

The electric be transformed to laser via 

fiber cable to the galvanometer directly. During the process of transfer, the laser 

losses a little.

Laser Transmission
via glass tubes and lens via fiber cable
Transmission Rate30% from electricity to final laser beam70% from electricity to final laser beam
Marking AccuracyNot accurately, cannot mark small wordsVery accurately with excellent Min. Line width (0.01mm )and min character size (0.05mm).

Lots of maintenance work for changing

spare parts and glass tubes.  

Little maintenance, just clean the dust 

and protect the machine from damage.

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