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The Principle Of Aluminium Laser Blackening Technology

- Mar 08, 2018 -

In recent years, with the development of the aluminum industry, the manufacturers now use higher technology to outstand their products in order to enhance the brand awareness of enterprises and achieve higher security effect of the products. 

Today, laser blackening technology has become the most effective processing method. Laser marking is the use of high energy density laser to irradiate on the workpiece. The surface layer material will have some color changes, leaving a permanent mark. The laser marking machine blackening technology is for anodized aluminum, due to the nano-effect, the laser processing makes the oxide particle size of nano-level so that material absorbency increases, making the visible light absorbed into the material and the reflected light is very little. Therefore, what our eyes can see is black.       

It has been applied to high precision, smoothness and color requirements area, such as mobile phone stainless steel decorative pieces, clocks, watches, molds, mobile phone keys and other industries. The following picture is a sample we've maked for Samsung.


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