20w Cabinet Safety Mini Desktop Enclosed Design Fiber Laser Marking Machine

20w Cabinet Safety Mini Desktop Enclosed Design Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Metal and alloys: iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and all other metal Rare metals and alloys: gold, silver, titanium Metal oxides: all kinds of metallic oxides Special surface treatment: phosphating, aluminum anodizing, electroplating the surface. ABS materials: electrical appliances shell, daily necessities Lnk: translucent keys, print products Epoxy resin: electronic components packaging, insulation layer etc Sample

Product Details

This kind of full enclosed cabinet fiber laser marking machine is a closed fiber laser marker with 

a cover-sealed structure.

During work, the enclosed fiber laser marking machine's flog will be kept in the box body without e

Features of Marking Equipment MFL-20W-II:

●This small enclosed marker machine has powerful laser source from 10W to 50W with   selectable  pulse durations

●The mini closed laser marker available with a variety of focal lenses from 70mm to 300mm

● Cooling way of the full closed laser equipment is air-cooled

●Full mini enclosed laser part mark has small material consumption, no thermal deformation

●Computer numerical control technology enables automated processing.

●This type enclosed laser ideal for marking all metals painted/anodized materials & most plastics

●High-quality scan head, with good seal, capable to prevent dust and water, small volume, compact and solid.

●This laser marking applications comprehensive 2-year warranty

Technical Parameter



Laser Power

20W, 30W, 50W

 Laser Wavelength


Beam Quality


Laser Repetition Frequency


Marking Area

110mm x 110mm

Making Depth

≤1.2mm (Adjustable with different materials)

Marking Speed


Min. Line Width


Min. Character Size


Repetition Precision


Power Consumption


Power Supply


Cooling method

Cooling method


Optional Lens:

Focal Length



Marking Area


 65mm x 65mm


75mm x 175mm


Packing Size(mm)


Packing Details 


855X1000X1170(machine head:530X220X660, table:840X600X760)


Net Weight(kg)

72(machine head: 13.5, table: 58.5)


Gross Weight(kg)


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