Factory CNCmachine For Metal Marking 20W Portable Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Factory CNCmachine For Metal Marking 20W Portable Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Applications: • Electrical Engineering and Electrical part and component • Telecommunication product and Mobile communications(cover,battery,keyboard) • Jewelry,eyeglass,clocks and craft • Building materials,PVC pipe • Car motor car spare part • Instrument and meters and cutting tool • plastic case • aviation and aerospace, • military product, • hardware fitting and accessory • sanitary appliance • stationery, • food and beverage • medicine package andmedical instrument • solar Pv industry: silicon wafer • other: rubber epoxy resin ABS Printing ink Coating film

Product Details

  • The fastest industrial fiber laser marker

  • Withstands the most challenging environments 

  • Provides high definition and permanent identification

  • Requires no consumables

  • Capable of marking metal at high temperatures

  • High speed on-the-fly marking capabilities

  • Also capable of cleaning rust, varnish, paint and other contaminants on metals


Technical Parameter

Model : HBS-GQ-20B 

Laser Power:  20W, 30W, 50W

Laser Wavelength: 1060nm

Beam Quality: <1.5

Laser Repetition Frequency: ≤100KHz

Marking Area: 110mm x 110mm

Making Depth: ≤1.2mm (Adjustable with different materials)

Marking Speed: ≤12000mm/s

Min. Line Width: 0.01mm

Min. Character Size: 0.05mm

Repetition Precision: ±0.001mm

Power Consumption: ≤500W

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz/10A

Cooling method: Air cooled

Optional Lens

Focal Length    Marking Area

100mm         65mm x 65mm

250mm         175mm x 175mm

Packing Size(mm):  600X750X700

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