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Electrochemical marking machine introduction:

Electrochemical marking machine is the use of "low-voltage in the marking solution under the action of metal surface partial ionization" of high-tech. Printed on a variety of metal black or white "trademark, product name, technical indicators" and any other logo.

Electrochemical marking machine application:

Saipu phone marking machine is suitable for the following workpiece marking。

1. Hardware Tools: knives, scissors, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, woodworking chisel and so on。

Measuring tools, cutting tools: drill, saw blade, tap, carbide tools, turning tools, steel ruler, milling cutter, etc.

3. Mechanical parts: gears, bearings, valves, pipe, fittings, fasteners, instrumentation components, industrial spare parts, screw, pneumatic components, medical equipment, stainless steel plate/ nameplate, panel, etc.

4. Kitchen Hardware: faucets, stoves, smoke machines, sinks, food processing equipment。

5. Civil products: stainless steel cups, pots, tableware, watches, glasses, stationery, souvenirs, locks, steel furniture, etc.

6. Applicable metal types: (almost including any surface conductive metal, if the non-metallic surface metallization layer can) carbon steel, Masteel, alloy steel, high-speed steel, stainless steel, carbide, aluminum, copper, etc .; each Species chrome, nickel, galvanized, black titanium plating, black and other materials; a variety of sandblasting, polishing, grinding, brushed metal surfaces.

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