Cheaper Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Cheaper Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machines are used in a wide variety of applications such as in the marking of gold, silver diamond and other jewelries, sanitary tools, food packaging, tobacco packaging, beer and beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, medical equipment, watches & glassware, automotive parts, plastic & paper material, electronic hardware, gold bullion, and also in other areas such as aviation, aircraft manufacturing, projectile body and explosion proof materials.

Product Details

Motorized Z axis: the marking head can moves up/down automatically with motorized motor system;

High Speed Scanner Head: installed with high speed scanner and achieves fast marking and engraving;

Calibration Aluminum Plate: used for fixing jigs for mass production. used for positioning of the parts exactly;

 Heavy-duty Bearing Wheels: the bearing wheels is with stop switch, which can support the weight up to 200kg;

Emergency Stop: during the operation, if any emergency incidence happen, the machine can be stopped quickly by pushing the emergency stop button;

 Laser Generator Switch: the key is used for switch on/off the laser generator;

Desktop  Computer:

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