EDM Machine Electric Discharging Machine From China

EDM Machine Electric Discharging Machine From China

As an electrical discharge machining tool, the Portable EDM Machine can easily remove the screw taps, drill bits, reamers, screw, plugs etc. that broken in the work-piece during processing. It can be applicable to a variety of complex manufacturing environment due to it's light-weight structure and convenient operation.

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EDM machine processing method:

Portable EDM machine applies a magnetic base and across stand to support the head, it can be placed in any position, and adjust the processing direction comprehensively.

EDM Machine(Electric Discharging Machine)

EDM is Easy-operated and simple-installed, the installation is same as fixing ordinary drill bit. Once fixed the lever, it can be used immediately. Start drilling and grinding by pressing down the operation-handle while reversing regression by rising the operation-handle. Internal torque protection to guarantee the screw tap works safely. Working with a drilling machine, processing precision, and quality will be greatly improved for the semi-automation occasions.

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