Electric-chemical Marking Machine

Electric-chemical Marking Machine

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Product Details

Electric-chemical marking machine (also known as electric erosion marking machine) is high-powered, it has two marking heads, which allows two people work simultaneously. According to Electric-chemical principle, the marking device can be applied in a variety of metals, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, all kinds of alloy steel, tool steel, cemented carbide, aluminum alloy, all kinds of chrome-plated, galvanized materials, all kinds of grinding, polishing the metal surface. This device is suitable for printing logos, product names, technical indicators, trade names, safety attention, and the making of high-grade stainless steel label, shell marking, etc.

The marking is formal, clear, durable, discoloring, high-temperature resistant, it does not fall off, afraid of organic solvent scours. Whether the target product is big or small sized, the plate is flat, curved, or lamellar, printing can be realized. Precise printing, deep to 5-100um, the device is easy to operate, and it will take just a few seconds to complete, without drying solidification.

Having a beautiful marking, we are to improve the grade of product appearance. Enhancing product anti-counterfeiting capabilities, so makes it easy for quality tracking, and achieving the goal of building brand image. Today, nearly a thousand customers are using electric printing marking machine, and we have got good feedback. This supports your confidence in choosing the device!

It can be accessed through the automatic production line. Footswitch, maximum power, right control, high efficiency, easy operation, elegant appearance, and with a delayed two high-power capability, all these make it suitable for users of large-scale and high demanding.

Making the template of contents which you want to print (the large-volume system can be printed on screen templates, small quantities on the waxed paper template), and then put the template on the target workpiece. Put the exit electrode of the machine which has been moist with the marking water on it, and pressures it for 1--2 seconds, then remove the electrodes. Thus a beautiful logo is printed out immediately, and will never fall off.

The scope of application:
Hardware tools, medical equipment, plumbing equipment, cemented carbide, measuring tools, machine parts, instruments, kitchen utensils, gear bearings, valve plate, vehicle parts, stainless steel products, copper and aluminum products.

Technical parameters:
Power supply: 220V
Maximum output power: 400W
Power consumption: 28W
Maximum output current: 23.2A
AC output voltage: 0-25V
Tributary of the output voltage 0-25V
Marked depth: 0.01_0.1mm
Marker color: Black or white


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