tabel design efficient dot pin electric marking machine for metal materials

The table design electric marking machine can realize large size portable marking with perfect marking performance. Machine can be easily operated and save manpower and time. The prices is most competitive during Chinese market.

Product Details

JZ115D          JZS115D

Non-standard Options
Marking Area     150mmx150mm,200mmx200mm
Circular Marking Can be customized as user's requirement

Product Features
●No need to equip with pneumatic supply or computer, built-in programming system with an industrial microcomputer and various USB ports.
●Able to mark on a wide variety of products or signs made of steel, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic and other material.
●Able to mark in Chinese and English characters, Arabic numbers and any picture with harmonized and aesthetic effects.
●Serial number automatically increasing or decreasing, VIN code, random code, and 2D code, etc.
●Key factor is high impact frequency of marking head and fast marking speed makes. It's possible for mass production to customers' satisfaction.
●Very small force of marking pin has no influence on the mechanical property of 
●Marking depth from 0.02~1mm (adjustable), meeting demands for various marking depth.
●Simple operation, easy maintenance.



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