Fiber Laser Marking Machine (laser Engraving Machine)

Fiber Laser Marking Machine (laser Engraving Machine)

Fiber laser Marking Machine With Germany Standard Laser marking machine Wikipedia knowledge Laser marking machine principle and characteristics of a brief description Laser marking is the use of laser beams on a variety of different material surface marked permanent. Marking effect is through...

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Fiber laser Marking Machine With Germany Standard

Features of Laser marking machines:

(1) The vast majority of metal or non-metallic materials can be processed.

(2) The laser is processed by a non-mechanical "cutter", which does not produce any mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the material. It has no "tool" wear, is non-toxic and rarely causes environmental pollution.

(3) the laser beam is very thin so that the consumption of processed materials is small.

(4) When processing, laser marking machine will not generate X-ray like processing method such as electron beam bombardment, and will not be interfered by the electric field and magnetic field.

(5) The laser marking machine is simple to operate, using computer numerical control technology to achieve automated processing. Laser marking machine can be used in the production line of parts for high-speed and efficient processing, it also can be used as part of the flexible processing system.

(6) The laser marking machine use precision worktable for fine micro-machining.

(7) Laser marking machine use microscopy or camera system, it can observe or monitored the machined surface conditions.

(8) Through the transparent material (such as quartz, glass), its internal components for processing.

(9) Laser marking machine can through the prism, a mirror system (for a Nd: YAG laser, a fiber optic light guide system can also be used) to focus a light beam onto the inner or inclined surface of a workpiece.

(10) Laser marking machine can mark barcodes, numbers, characters, patterns and other signs.

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