High-quality Production Online Working Co2 Laser Marking Machine

High-quality Production Online Working Co2 Laser Marking Machine

●The working principle: fill the discharge tube with CO2 gas as a lasing medium, when a high voltage is applied to the electrodes, radiant discharge is generated in the discharge tube, causing the gas molecules to release the laser. After amplification, the laser beam is released for material...

Product Details

CO2 Laser Application

●Mainly used in non-metallic industry including tobacco, food and beverage, wine, pharmaceutical packaging, leather, type laser marker is a good choice.


1. All of our machines will be full-checked and tested by our quality control department before shipment.
2.Lifetime technology maintenance in free and spare parts supply.

3. We offer 2 years guarantee and life-time after sales service.

4. We will offer ‘instruction books’, “Operation Manual” and “Training Video” to you. Which is easily understandable.
5. We also will offer online face to face training.

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