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Laser engraving-Laser Etched Mirrors

- Dec 17, 2018 -

Similarly, as with regular etched mirrors, the initial focus of Laser Engraving machines was to laser onto the glass surface of the mirror. When power, focus and speed are optimized, similar results to sandblasting or chemical etching can be achieved.

A new concept of Mirror Engraving is a laser engraved mirror. Here the laser pulsates through the reflective silver layer at the rear of the mirror. As a result the glass side of a Laser Engraved mirror remains intact, therefore maintaining the full reflective qualities of the original mirror.

Finally, after this intricate laser process, the rear of the mirror needs to be "filled" with a new coating to replete the lasered detail in the mirror. When a photograph or text is laser engraved, a rear coating of solid black will give the best effect and will result in a defined black & white image. Alternatively colour coatings can be used giving a further dimension to the engraving.

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