MOPA Laser Marking Machine: Ultra Fine Color Marking System

MOPA Laser Marking Machine: Ultra Fine Color Marking System

1 . Basis Info. of the Fiber laser marking Machine HBS-GQ-20F Electric Series: MOPA Models: MOPA 20 Name : Ultra Fine Color Marking System 2. Prominent advantages of fiber laser marking machine HBS-GQ-20F : Fast. Finer. Diverse. 3. Features of the Fiber Laser marking machine of HBS-GQ-20F GQ 20F...

Product Details

1. Basis Info. of the MOPA laser marking Machine

    Electric Series: MOPA

    Models: MOPA 20

    NameUltra Fine Color Marking System

2. Prominent advantages of MOPA laser marking machine : 

    Fast. Finer.


3. Features of the MOPA Laser marking machine

Our MOPA laser marking system has a more diverse application range, wider pulse width range and more flexible than the conventional Q-switch platform. The adjustable pulse width can indirectly affect the peak power, allows MOPA laser marking system to mark on a wide variety range of materials with high contrast results, and vivid colors on stainless steels. Finer Beam quality ensures the best marking results. 


Besides, all standard features like focus finder system, pilot laser, easy to use software, the emergency stop function, are integrated into Mopa marking system, makes the use of Mopa Marking System are easier and convenient.

4. Marking samples by Laser marking MOPA machine


5. Packing Details of MOPA Marking Machine 

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