MOPA Laser Marking Machine With High Quality Beam

MOPA Laser Marking Machine With High Quality Beam

MOPA Laser Marking Machine with high quality beam

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Mopa laser machine Introduction

30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine adopts the latest advanced MOPA platform technology. It is more diverse and flexible than the conventional Q-switch platform and wider pulse width range. The adjustment of different pulse width can indirectly affect the different peak power depending on the materials for marking and marking results. Marking with an effective frequency of up to 500KHz is the most advanced technology in fiber laser marking today.


Mopa laser machine Features

● Enhance the marking speed at the utmost, the average marking speed is twice as fast as conventional marking machine and even five times faster than the others when marking certain materials.

● Beam spot quality M2 1.2, finer marking and better result

● Excellent laser spot quality and high peak power make it possible to create the best marking result.

● Settable bandwidth option, no trailing, no light-leaking, ensuring high frequency and peak power, wide application. 

● Built-in double light isolation design, minimal thermal damage, and non-splashing

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