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20W desktop laser marking machine

- Aug 30, 2018 -

HBS Fiber laser marking machine Industry applications:

Widely used in products surface markings, security tags, bar codes, date codes and other laws transform mass tag because its permanent marker, and environmental performance has gradually replaced the traditional ink-jet printing.
It also widely used in drugs, food packaging, a cigarette a code, liquor industry, mineral water, cosmetics, wire and cable, pipeline construction and other metal or non-metal products.

Laser sourceRaycus/IPG
Control cardSUMLIGHT
Beam quality<1.2
Spot diameters6~8mm
Repetition accuracy0.003mm
Min. line width0.01mm
Min. letter height0.15mm
Laser repetition frequency range30KHz~200KHz
Control systemWindows XP
Max. marking speed12000mm/s
Ave. output power20W(be chose)
Consumer power400W
Marking rangeΦ110mm(be chose)
Fiber laser use lifeAbout 100000 hours

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