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Anti-rust Treatment Of Magnetic Chip Remover

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Every magnet has the properties of absorbing iron, and the power of absorbing iron ends. Both ends are called magnetic poles. Any magnet has a characteristic pointing north and south. The north end is called the Arctic, with ' N ', the guide end is called the Antarctic, with ' S ' expression.Magnetic Chip Remover 

When two magnets are similar, they repel each other if they are poles away; The range that the magnetic force can reach is called the magnetic field. The magnetic chip-cutting machine is the chip adsorption on the work of the chip machine, or the oil, emulsion in the granular, powdery and length ≤ 150 mm of iron filings to separate, transported to the designated chip location or chip box.Magnetic Chip Remover 

It can handle iron filings and non rolls of powder, granular and length less than 100 mm, or separate the oil and emulsion from the chips, and transmit them to the designated waste bins.Magnetic Chip Remover

Place the calcium ingots or the distillate on the bottom of an iron orange, separate the zirconium chips and calcium with the stainless steel isolation hood, flip the orange in the vacuum distiller 8 and then vacuum the stove and heat it.Magnetic Chip Remover 

The vacuum pump still needs to be activated during operation. Temperature and the evaporation rate of calcium are two important parameters. The 8h results are best heated under 600-675 ℃. Controlling the calcium vapor flow and increasing the operating temperature to increase the oxygen diffusion speed through zirconium will increase the oxygen removal speed and shorten the time required by the magnetic chip machine.Magnetic Chip Remover

Any equipment to have a long service life, in addition to following the correct way of operation, regular maintenance is also very important. The chip-cutting device is also a kind of mechanical equipment, so this principle is the same for it, lest because of some small links to the equipment caused greater damage. Rust-proof device to do a good job anti-rust work can ensure that the equipment from corrosion and the rust-proof role is the cutting oil, can ensure the normal and stable operation of equipment.Magnetic Chip Remover

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