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Application Areas Of HBS Marking Machine Products

- Jan 18, 2017 -

Beijing HBS Science & Technology Development Co., LTD (HBS), was founded in 2001, have a more than 17 years marking machine designing, manufacturing and processing experience , until now HBS marking machine products have been well received by the customers all over the world, gained a big selling break in many countries. 

HBS has become the leading brand of China laser marking machine industry. Now, HBS laser marking machine advanced at an equal pace with HAN’ S Laser (a famous Chinese laser brand), will supply more excellent marking machine products for all the industries of the world.


Until now, main use areas of HBS marking machine products:


Application areas of laser marking machine:


1.Clothing, leather, Gifts&Crafts, packing, advertising, wood, textile, rubber, brand, electronic-communication, clock, glasses, printing, decoration, leather processing and other non-metal industry, we introduce CO2 laser marking machine to the customers.  CO2 laser marking machine suit for the materials such as wood, clothing, leather, plexiglass, epoxy resin, acrylic, unsaturated resin and other non-metal materials.  

2. IT industry, communication industry, food and drug, medical instruments, clock and glasses, gift&crafts, noble metal, leather clothing, packing&printing cooking utensils, Precision metal, ornament, Electrician & Electrical, instrument, and metal processing industry.

3. For the materials of through polymer material, electronic component, wire-line, reflective film, plastic button, sapphire, glasses, china, aluminum sheet, label and other metal and non-metal materials which need cold process ultraviolet laser marking machine is professional, it can be used in the industry of electronic communication, Electrical and electrical equipment, instrument, precision metal, clock&glasses, decoration, china and other industry.


The materials which marking machine can process:

1.Flow line CO2 laser marking machine can be installed at the flow line such as medicalfood packing, anti-fake, cigarette package marking, liquor industry, bottled water and edible oil package marking and so on, improve the working effect of the flow line.





2.Portable fiber laser marking machine with the character of prefect and small outlook, can do the processing of mobile phone keyboard, light transmitting keyboard, integrated circuit, metal products and other materials.



Thanks for recognition and trust of the new and old customers to HBS, we will still firmly believe the principle of quality first, service supreme, continue to supply high quality marking machine products and service for all the customers.






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