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Application Of Laser Engraving In Leather Industry

- Jul 30, 2018 -

  In order to produce various digital designs, more than 2/3 of textile and clothing fabrics are made from laser engraving machines. The traditional production of textile fabrics, such as embossing pyrographic, grinding processing late, laser engraving machine burnt in this regard has made natural color and texture of the convenient and flexible pattern transform, clear image, strong sense of three-dimensional, can fully display all kinds of fabrics. Clothing fabric and garment laser embroidery is suitable for textile fabric finishing factory, fabric processing plant, garment factory, surface accessories and processing enterprises.

  By laser irradiation, laser engraving machine, vaporization of denim fabric surface dye, resulting in a variety of denim fabrics produced on not fade image pattern, gradient of flower, the cat matte effects, cowboy fashion has added a new point. Laser engraving machine finishing machining is a cowboy in a new, huge profits and market space processing, value-added deep processing of denim products for denim garment factory, washing plant, processing enterprises and individuals.

  Laser engraving machine technology is widely used in the shoes and leather industry. Laser engraving machine has the advantage of fast engraving on a variety of leather fabrics and operational flexibility, without any deformation of the leather surface, in order to reflect the color and texture of the leather itself. The utility model is suitable for the processing factories of uppers, shoes materials, leather goods, handbags, bags, leather clothes and the like.


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