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Application Of Laser Marking Machine With Rotatable Marking

- Aug 05, 2017 -

            With the continuous development of domestic laser industry, the application of laser has become more and more obvious, and it has been widely used in many fields, which provides a more convenient and efficient processing method for the present processing and production. Laser Marking Machine  

            Now the laser rotary marking is carved on the circular arc workpiece, using synchronous tracking to rotate the processing, under the control of the computer, the vibration of the motor in the mirror of the one-axis rotation, the other axis remains motionless, with rotating motor rotation, complete the circular arc workpiece marking processing. Now the laser rotating marking is widely used in the light weight, the diameter is not very large cylindrical workpiece circular surface or disc workpiece plane continuous pattern of laser marking. With the performance of laser marking machine is constantly improving, the pattern of machining arc can be more than one weeks, continuous marking. The pattern marked with a dynamic rotation mark has a smooth, no breakpoint, exquisite pattern, in the speed and the level of the plane mark, in the current processing and production of a wide range of applications, such as machinery, watches and clocks, toys, stationery, electronics industry, automotive industry and so on have a wide range of applications. The rotating worktable can be controlled by selecting a servo motor or a walking motor.Laser Marking Machine

            Now the optical fiber rotary laser marking machine compared with the previous equipment, with high electro-optic conversion rate, reduce energy loss, reduce operating costs. Strong adaptability to the harsh environment, the temperature, dust, humidity, vibration, impact has a strong tolerance. Although the current optical fiber rotary laser marking machine price than traditional laser equipment expensive, but the optical fiber rotary laser marking machine has high stability, low maintenance cost, can be processed in the multi-dimensional arbitrary space, the operation is simple, has the high quality laser beam, these are not comparable with the traditional laser equipment.Laser Marking Machine

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