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Application Of Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine In 3C Electronic Industry

- Jul 23, 2017 -

              3 C is usually referred to as the computer, communications and consumer electronic products, due to the laser processing heat affected area small, processing fine, processing speed, can make conventional methods cannot realize the process easy to achieve, laser marking in the 3C industry has been more and more widely used. But today, fiber laser marking has become another trend in industry applications.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

              First: Scale. 3C manufacturers, especially oem/ems manufacturers are manufacturing type, mainly rely on production efficiency, natural demand for equipment is also very large, at present, the mainland 3C manufacturers more than 50 laser equipment manufacturers countless, which requires equipment failure maintenance frequency low, the use of low-cost, this aspect of the advantages of fiber lasers do not know;

              Second: technological innovation. 3C products are personalized consumer goods, only constantly in the modelling, function to create new highlights to attract consumers, that the use of laser processing products in the process of innovation has great expectations, especially precision processing, optical quality requirements, only fiber lasers and end-pump lasers can meet the requirements, in contrast, because of the wider application of fiber lasers to become the era of darling.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

               Third: Become mainstream. The application of laser technology in the 3C industry from the optional process to the current mainstream applications, has defined the laser processing must be like the CNC machine tool All-weather operation, that the quality of equipment requirements and popularization of more and more high, and even a large number of professional laser processing OEM manufacturers, the mainstream of laser demand for its versatility and technology foresight is more powerful, only fiber lasers have such a huge potential for mining applications.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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