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Beijing HBS Fiber Laser Marking Machine Features

- Feb 09, 2018 -

Beijing HBS laser marking machine is using the world's most advanced laser technology which developed a new generation of laser marking system. The marking machine uses fiber laser output laser, and then through high-speed scanning galvanometer system marking function.

The Optical fiber marking machine electro-optical conversion efficiency, up to 20% (YAG is about 3%), a great saving in electricity.

HBS laser marking machine cooling system is by air, thermal performance. No air conditioning and water circulation system.

HBS laser fiber can be coiled, the whole small size.

HBS laser marking machine output beam quality is good.

HBS laser resonator without optical lenses, with no regulation, maintenance-free, high-reliability performance.

Fiber laser marking machine is widely used in chargers, mobile phone keys, and other translucent marking work. Particularly suitable for depth, smoothness, high precision areas such as watches and clocks, mold industry, bitmap marking and so on.

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