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Best Laser Marking Machine

- Sep 12, 2018 -

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Smallest laser marking machines similar to a small PC, compared with traditional big and heavy laser machines it is quite portable and easy for carrying, good for business use and customers' DIY.


  • Small size and compact structure, convenient to move

  • Long lifespan of fiber laser source: 100,000 hours

  • Good scanning galvanometer, with a good seal, small volume, compact

  • Good scraps controller, swift and stable transmission

  • High precision: up to 0.0012mm, bring you the fantastic and satisfied marking effect

  • Superior laser beam: the definition is 1 micron, 10 times as that of traditional products

  • No consumables: one fiber marker can work for more than 10-year without any consumables

  • Fast speed: 7000 standard characters per second, is 3 to 5 times above that of traditional products

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