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Brief Introduction Of Laser-marking Machine With Multiple Scanheads

- Jul 20, 2017 -

A laser-marking machine comprising a main body, a beam splitter, a plurality of transmitting lines and a plurality of scanheads, wherein the main body has a laser head for producing laser light, the beam splitter is connected with the laser head on the main body, thereby laser light can be split by the beam splitter, one end of each of the transmitting lines is connected to the beam splitter, while the other end of each of the transmitting lines is connected to a corresponding one of the scanheads, thereby the laser light split by the beam splitter can be transmitted to each scanhead through each corresponding one of the transmitting lines.

The application of the laser will be more and more widely, and the function will be more powerful. The development of science and technology has brought about social progress. Since 2001 in laser fields, HBS is specialized in developing and manufacturing laser marking machine with perfect quality and excellent after-sales services... after years of continuous efforts, it becomes one of the largest and leading laser-marking equipment suppliers in China. HBS had provided numerous well-known companies with wide-ranging solutions and reliable marking equipment, with a strong and sustainable traceability to the industry.


There are so many kinds of marking machines. Such as, Fiber Laser Marking Machine; Electric Marking Machine; Pneumatic marking machine; EMD Machine; Electric-chemical marking machine; Electric Engraving Pen and also Marking Machine Accessories. Our company HBS science & Technology Co,.Ltd can manufacture all the above kinds of Marking machines. 

There are also CO2 Laser marking machine, 3D Laser marking machine, flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine, etc. For any question, please contact with us.

HBS Science & Technology Co,. Ltd.

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