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Can Laser Marking Machine Print Photos?

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Mobile phone photos are common, and everyone wants to permanently mark their precious photos. Then have to ask: laser marking machine can play photos? Many people may not know, laser marking machine marking photos can be, first of all, the fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine can be used to mark numbers, letters, text, pictures, two-dimensional code and so on. The action object is metal and partial nonmetal such as hard plastic. Widely used in mobile power, mobile phone shell, alumina black, tablets, rings, watches, sanitary ware, electronic components and other industries.Laser Marking Machine

Of course, the quality of the photo laser equipment is also a certain demand, because the optical fiber laser marking machine is not a printer, said popular point, optical fiber laser marking machine marking pattern is based on the resolution of the pattern to hit the mark, the color of the picture deep place to play a deep color, the color of the picture is light. Fiber laser marking machine cannot be adjusted according to the color of the pattern to make the corresponding color.Laser Marking Machine

The color on the object is based on the color of the object itself and different, some of the color of the material we can play many kinds of, such as stainless steel, even can be played colorful. But whatever color you are marking requires proper adjustment of the parameters in advance.Laser Marking Machine

     After adjusting the parameters in the marking process is unchanged, so our picture if the color is very rich, but the contrast between the color is not high, with the fiber laser marking machine marking out will lose a lot of detail, a lot of contrast is not high places may come out after a color, paste together. Laser Marking Machine

     It is best to use a very high contrast picture. The image reduction degree is relatively high. Laser marking Machine The pattern recognized on the software. It's best to use Coredraw to get rid of a lot of unnecessary details. And then even if the picture is fine, it's not easy to make a deep contrast. Optical fiber laser Marking machine marking pattern is the best line, the depth of the unified map.Laser Marking Machine

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