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Development Trend Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

- Aug 05, 2017 -

              In recent years, fiber lasers have become a hot topic in the study of laser physics, which is considered to be a new generation of solid-state lasers. Fiber lasers are lasers that use rare earth-doped glass fiber as gain medium, fiber lasers can be developed on the basis of optical fiber amplifiers: Under the action of the pump light, the high power density can be easily formed in the optical fiber, resulting in the laser energy level of the laser working matter "particle number inversion", and when the positive feedback loop (the resonant cavity) is added, the output of the laser.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

              Optical fiber laser Marking machine is the use of laser beam on a variety of different material surface marking permanent mark. The effect of the marking is to reveal deep material through the evaporation of the surface matter, or to "carve" out traces of the chemical and physical changes of the surface matter through the light energy, or to burn off some of the material by light energy, showing the pattern, text, bar code and other graphics required for etching.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

              (1) Improving the performance of fiber lasers: How to improve the output power and conversion efficiency, optimize the beam quality, shorten the length of gain fiber, improve the stability of the system and make it more compact is the focus of future research in the field of fiber lasers.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

              (2) The development of a new type of fiber laser: In time domain, the ultrashort pulse mode-locked fiber lasers with smaller duty ratio have always been a hot spot in the field of laser research, and high power femtosecond pulsed fiber lasers have long been the target of people's long-term pursuit. In frequency domain, wideband output and tunable fiber lasers will become the research hotspot.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The research of fiber lasers has been started since the late 80, because it can produce ultrashort pulses and has a wide application foreground, so the research of fiber lasers has shown great enthusiasm all over the world. Compared with other types of lasers, fiber lasers have the advantages of high reliability, simple structure, low price and high conversion efficiency.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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