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Dot Pin Marking Machine Application Field And Kind

- Jun 26, 2017 -

       The point needle marking technology is widely used in the field of automobile and aviation production because of its application to global quality control and component identification. It is also widely used in agricultural machinery, petroleum and natural gas, metal processing, electronic components, logistics and transportation, construction machinery and many other industries, because the point needle technology is especially suitable for achieving permanent marking on various materials.Dot Pin Marking Machine

       Point needle marking is an ideal solution for permanent labeling on metal and plastic surfaces and is not affected by the surface shape and working environment of the material. The point needle marking machine includes the Workstation (column fixed installation), the production line integration and the portable hand-held model.Dot Pin Marking Machine

       Hand-held point needle marking machine is the best solution for a hand-held needle marking machine that is identified in the West when it is required for portability and flexibility. Choose your solution according to the features of the following portable models: The E1 series is the newest model, focusing on enhanced mobility and operational flexibility. E1 P63c (mm x mm marking window) E1 p123 ($number mm x mm marking window) E10 series is more high-end model than the E9 series E10 p63 (mm x mm marking window) E10 p123 ($number x mm Marking window)

        Column type point needle marking machine The column marking system is equipped with independent controller, which can be used as a single workstation and is designed for the production mode with operator manual operation. Regardless of the working environment, each machine is guaranteed to be very long life and robust and reliable. E10 c153: High power Desktop, standard marking window ($number mm x $number mm).E10 c303: High power desktop, Super Large marking window (mm x). E10 c153-: Equipped with automatic z-axis to achieve multi-function. EC1: Desktop point needle marking system.Dot Pin Marking Machine

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