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Dot Pin Marking Machine P5000

- Jul 23, 2017 -

    Dot pin marking machine

    Point needle marking Machine P5000 is the import of a pneumatic point needle marking machine, use and installation is extremely simple, no licensing training, the body is solid, easy to maintain. Can adapt to different sizes of marking parts (parts can reach 300mm) and different hardness of materials, (the highest hardness can reach 62HRC), compared with traditional technology, P5000 using micro-impact marking technology, do not need any supplies. The function is fast and high-quality marking, 5 characters/sec. P5000 is the integration of the controller with the marking machine, no need to connect the computer can be labeled, the USB interface enables P5000 to connect external storage and other peripherals.

    Dot Pin Marking Machine Indicates the mode used by the stylus printer during the printing process. such as the two-way logical margin printing, in which the printer controls the starting and stopping position of the print head based on the specific location of the printed content on each line. In order to save time, improve printing speed and efficiency, and also such as "selectable single two-way" printing, in this way, the user can choose to print the printing requirements, the beginning of each print head position. One-way printing is to print each line, the print head of the car must first return to the initial position, and then print, the printing efficiency is lower, but the character or image of the upper and lower cohesion precision; bidirectional printing is printed when the printhead moves back and forth horizontally, printing is efficient. However, due to the influence of the precision of the mechanical parts, it may cause the character or image to have some dislocation, which will affect the print quality.Dot Pin Marking Machine

   The character set is a description of the type of font in the printer, and the character set can be used to see what kind of printer it belongs to. The Chinese printer has a complete set of character sets, generally including the Ascâ…± code lattice character set, the Chinese character lattice character set and the international character group lattice character set, which are usually formulated according to national standards. such as the GB-5007 standard (Arial 24x24 lattice character set) and gb-2312-80 (Arial 32x32 lattice character set).Dot Pin Marking Machine

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