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Dot Pin Marking Machine Takes You To Understand The Market

- Sep 22, 2017 -

Even the hardest metal, can be directly carved into the material inside, the logo is made of cemented carbide or inlaid industrial diamond marking needle carved surface formation, marking the needle carved deep groove to form a coherent line. Marking techniques are usually used to limit the level of noise. Dot Pin Marking Machine

For example, in the large pipeline marking to point needle marking machine is very noisy, and the use of carved marking machine can silently complete the task. It ensures high-quality permanent identification and is also perfect in OCR (optical character recognition). Marking machine is also called "drag-and-drop" marking, or carved marking.Dot Pin Marking Machine

Depth marking, 0.5mm (according to the standard material); The marking operation is extremely quiet, the marking speed is fast, the reading rate is high, the energy is strong and durable; The laser marking machine is applied to the laser technology and laser manufacturing equipment, especially in recent years with high power, The development of high energy ultraviolet laser marking machine, deep ultraviolet and ultrafast laser processing technology has promoted the development of smartphone manufacturing technology. Dot Pin Marking Machine

This is related to the nature of laser technology and precise manufacture of mobile phone, on the one hand, because of its high power density, good directional, clean, high efficiency, environmental protection and other outstanding features, laser processing technology to replace the traditional processing technology trend is accelerating, its micro-processing advantages in laser welding machine, laser marking machine Laser cutting machine and other advantages of the obvious need for equipment.Dot Pin Marking Machine

Faced with fierce competition from home and abroad, many enterprises are trying to integrate resources, reduce production costs, in order to improve product competitiveness, excellent laser marking machine equipment to improve product quality, mining development potential for the development of enterprises to bring greater changes, has launched the world's top ten series of near-hundreds models, involving packaging printing, textile and apparel , leather fabrics, craft gifts, model molds, advertising decoration, metal sanitation and many other industries and fields, by the vast number of users praise and trust, cost-effective industrial laser equipment, is well-deserved small and medium power laser equipment Industry automation leader, to promote the national laser industry progress and development.Dot Pin Marking Machine

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