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Dot Pin Marking Machine The Use Of The Principle

- May 25, 2017 -

* The use of standard PLC + touch screen + standard sensor electronic control system control, Dot Pin Marking Machine labeling machine man-machine interaction interface full Chinese annotation and perfect fault prompt function, operation teaching function; Dot Pin Marking Machine easy to use, easy maintenance;

* Complete equipment supporting information (including equipment structure, principles, operation, maintenance, repair, upgrade and other information), Dot Pin Marking Machine to the normal operation of the equipment to provide adequate protection;

* With fault alarm function, production counting function, power saving function (no time to set the production time, the device automatically to the power saving standby state), Dot Pin Marking Machine the number of production settings prompt function, parameter settings protection function (parameter setting sub-rights management) ;

* Optional features and components:

① Dot Pin Marking Machine hot code / marking function

② Dot Pin Marking Machine automatic feeding function

③ Dot Pin Marking Machine automatic feeding function (combined with product considerations)

④ Dot Pin Marking Machine increase the labeling device

⑤ Dot Pin Marking Machine circumferential orientation labeling function

⑥ Dot Pin Marking Machine other functions (according to customer requirements)

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