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Features Of The Green Laser Marking Machine

- Jan 03, 2018 -

Green laser marking machine is a common type of laser marking machine, green laser marking machine using a semiconductor pump source, there are obvious advantages: a wavelength of 532nm green laser output focused spot diameter smaller, more focused energy, High electro-optic conversion efficiency, good beam quality, marking accuracy below 10μm, mark the border neat, no explosion point, no thermal deformation.

In the laser engraving, do not worry about the incident laser will melt off the line of material, because the laser through the transparent object to maintain the form of light energy, does not produce excess heat, only at the interference point will be converted into Can and melt things.

Green laser marking machine is ideal for marking glass, egg marking, cell phone screen, LCD screen, optical devices (such as optical lenses), automotive glass. In addition, it is also applicable to the processing of most metal and nonmetal materials, such as electrical appliances, telecommunications, precision instruments, electronic components, electrical products, integrated circuits, hardware tools, auto parts, plastic products and craft decorations. Compared with similar products, green laser marking machine has a very high price, very popular in the market.

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