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Fiber Laser Marking Machine The Market Is Not Yet Saturated

- May 25, 2017 -

Now fiber laser marking machine manufacturers such as clouds, Fiber Laser Marking Machine market penetration degree how? Has it been saturated?

When he was a researcher and doctoral tutor of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhou Jun, executive vice president of all-solid-state lasers and application technology of Shanghai Institute of Advanced Laser Technology, said: "Fiber Laser Marking Machine is far from full market. "

He analyzed that for the fiber laser marking machine, from the market point of view, the output average power in the tens of watts, the pulse width of tens of nanosecond pulse fiber laser in the laser marking market has dominated; but for laser cleaning Of the large pulse energy fiber laser marking machine and fine processing for the high-peak power ultra-short pulse fiber laser marking machine, the current domestic research and development stage is still in the industrialization of development to be further improved.

For continuous fiber laser marking machine, hundreds of watts of medium power fiber laser localization technology has matured, mainly used in metal sheet cutting, 3D printing and other fields, and the price has dropped significantly, to achieve the domestic mass production, and Which is still in the key technology and engineering research and development stage, has not yet formed a competitive environment. The single-fiber single-mode kilowatt-class continuous high-power fiber laser marking machine due to the core materials and devices are limited and other reasons, is still in the key technology and engineering research and development stage, has not yet formed a competitive Of the industrialization of mass production.

But with the national "increase material manufacturing and laser manufacturing" and other special start, the next two to three years is expected to achieve single-mode single-mode kilowatts, or even million watts of continuous high-power fiber laser marking machine industrial products come out, so strong support The Development of China 's High - end Equipment Manufacturing Industry.

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