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Fly Marking And Internal Structure Of Supply Unit

- Nov 20, 2017 -

HBS Laser Tech- features of  HBS laser marking machines --- Part Three

HBS laser Tech

Marking On The Fly 最终版.png

Marking On The Fly:

In HBS, we offer solutions to integrate our products into your production line. Easy installation and integration. When the sensor detects objects, laser system will start marking on the objects. 

Internal Structure控制机箱结构.jpg

Internal Structure of Supply Unit:

All control units of our marking system are well organized and integrated with our supply unit. If maintenance or system upgrade is required, our integrated internal structure will save you more time.


Laser Making Accessories:

We offer varieties of marking accessories to support your unique marking needs. Rotary clamp for marking circular objects, the rotating platform for multiple marking at a time, and more marking system accessories at your request.

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