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Forecast The Development Trend In 2015 3D Laser Printing

- Aug 14, 2015 -

Recalling the 2014 Laser Industry News, "3D print" in the rapid development in the year. More companies, more capital, more ideas are flocking to 3D printing field. As Prato laser laser industry leader in the field of metal 3D printing also achieved a technical breakthrough, in 2014, successfully developed a laser Prato metal component laser 3D printing equipment and powder materials, laser 3D printing metal components against tensile strength is twice as common 45 steel, the leading domestic level, and to achieve application in many industries.

In 2015 just arrived, 3D print prospects will go from here? Here, we have to predict the future growth of several 3D printing.

A better, faster, cheaper

Future, 3D printing is not only a print, scan, and new ways to share content, but will also increase the precision of printing, scale and better choice of materials. And printing costs will fall. Overall, the functional material will enter the market, but will also appear more advanced printing process, 2015 will see even more advanced 3D printing device to market.

2 traditional companies need to innovate and improve

In order to improve the market position of its own in the fast-growing 3D printing industry, next year, the traditional 3D printing company needed to accelerate internal innovation, and strive to offer better and cheaper solutions to increase their market share. For these companies, the need to improve two important direction is the 3D printing speed and material prices.

3 closer to the daily lives of ordinary people

Currently, 3D printing has begun gradually into the daily lives of ordinary people, people use 3D printing technology to produce handicrafts, toys and other gifts, but also to combine 3D scanning technology to print three-dimensional model of a pet or characters, so that, 3D printing is given more personalized, customized and entertainment.

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