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Future Advantage Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

- Jul 03, 2017 -

          Main advantages: Low cost of glass fiber manufacturing, technology maturity and the availability of optical fiber brought about miniaturization, intensive advantages; glass fiber to the incident pump light does not need to be like a crystal of strict phase matching, this is due to the wide absorption band caused by non-uniform broadening of the glass matrix Stark, the glass material has very low volume area ratio, the heat dissipation is fast, the loss is low, therefore the upper conversion efficiency is higher, the laser threshold value is low ; The output laser wavelength is many: this is because the rare earth ions are very rich and many rare earth ions; the tunable: Because of the rare earth ion energy level and the glass fiber fluorescence spectrum is wider. Because the optical fiber laser resonator has no optical lens, it has the advantages of no regulation, no maintenance and high stability, which is incomparable with the traditional laser. Optical fiber export, so that the laser can be easily competent for a variety of multi-dimensional arbitrary space processing applications, so that the mechanical system design becomes very simple. Competent in the harsh working environment, dust, shocks, shocks, humidity, temperature has a high degree of tolerance. Do not need thermoelectric refrigeration and water-cooled, just simple air-cooled. High Electro-optic efficiency: integrated Electro-optical efficiency as high as 20%, a substantial savings in work power consumption, saving operating costs. High-power, commercially-typed fiber lasers are 6-kilowatt.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

        Fiber Laser Marking Machine Laser marking machine technology as a modern precision machining method, and corrosion, EDM, mechanical engraving, printing and other traditional processing methods compared to the following advantages: 1. The use of laser processing means, and the workpiece between the role of no processing force, with no contact, no cutting force, the advantages of small heat effect, to ensure the original accuracy of the workpiece. At the same time, the adaptability of the material is wide, it can produce very fine mark on the surface of many kinds of materials and the durability is very good; 2. Laser space control and time control is very good, to the processing object material, shape, size and the degree of freedom of processing environment is very large, especially suitable for automatic processing and special surface processing. and flexible processing mode, can not only adapt to the needs of laboratory-type design, but also to meet the requirements of mass production of industrialization; 3. Laser engraving fine, lines can reach the millimeter to micron level, the use of laser marking technology to make the mark of imitation and change is very difficult, the product anti-false is very important; 4. The combination of laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can constitute an efficient and automatic processing equipment, can play a variety of text, symbols and patterns, easy to use software design marking drawings, change the content of the mark, adapt to modern production efficiency, fast-paced requirements; 5. Laser processing No pollution sources, is a clean non-polluting high environmental processing technology.Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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