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Good Feedback On The Jakarta Exhibition, Indonesia

- Dec 21, 2017 -

It’s Sophia here. It was my great pleasure to tell you something about the Manufacturing Indonesia 2017 Exhibition.


The exhibition was held at the JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL EXPO from 6th to 9th, Dec. And I am so glad that and we got a very good feedback from the exhibition.


During the four days exhibition, so many visitors come to our booth. Such as our former customers in Indonesia, Engineers, Supervisors, Directors, Distributors, etc. People like our machine’s design and some people learned how to operate our machine. It’s very easy to operate the machines and the marking effect is very good.  Someone marked on their phones, someone takes the workpiece to out booth to mark.


There are some people have made orders after the exhibition because of the good quality of our machines. so it’s really a good exhibition.


Congratulations to our HBS! Thanks for all of you!


Kind Regards


Here are some pictures from the exhibition

Ready for the exhibition 2017.12.5

Ready for the exhibition 2017.12.

visitors at our booth

visitors at our booth

Customer from Japan and will be our cooperator

Laser Engineer in our booth

Customer from Indonesia and will be our cooperator

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