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Good Flexibility Of Laser Marking Machine

- Jan 29, 2018 -

1. The laser is a relatively simple and easy-to-control device that can be cut if the laser beam gathered into a very thin beam; it can be defocused a little to weld it. Then if defocus a little, you can do the heat treatment.

2. The use of laser processing, not only processing speed, high efficiency, low cost, but also to avoid the mold or tool change, shorten the production preparation time cycle. Easy to achieve continuous processing, laser beam transposition time is short, improve production efficiency. Can be a variety of workpiece alternately installed. When a workpiece is machined, the completed component can be removed, the workpiece to be machined can be installed, the parallel machining can be realized, the installation time can be reduced, and the laser machining time can be increased. 

3. The laser beam adopts the direct driving and guiding method. The laser can be rotated, tilted, up and down or left and right movements can process the workpiece vertical and complex surfaces; and no direct drive without space, high precision. Combining laser control and robotics, robots move or multi-axis ways to flip the part under the beam, machining some of the more difficult parts that are traditionally machined. 

4. take multi-level rapid response collision avoidance measures, the beam guide device contacts the workpiece, the system immediately shut down the movement, the system is not destroyed, to avoid costly maintenance; after the collision can quickly and easily resume work and reduce the collision Caused by the downtime, improve the processing efficiency and reliability of the laser system. 

5. The laser head is free to move. At present, the laser head has reached 5 axes. Even if the workpiece remains fixed during machining, the machining of complex workpieces can still be realized. As long as the movable rotary table is used, Parts. The laser beam with automatic focus control. The linear axis of the laser system can be positioned along the optical axis or an axis to keep the beam focused; the focus position is known at any moment in time, with unlimited travel.

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