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HBS Laser Marking Machine Will Take The Exhibition Of MSV In Czech Republic

- Sep 04, 2018 -

HBS laser marking machine will take the exhibition of MSV in Czech Republic

HBS will show the table dot pin marking machine, the portable dot pin marking machine, the fiber laser marking machine,  the co2 laser marking machine, the UV laser marking machine , etc.

The Czech Brno International Machinery Fair is the most influential industrial exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe, accredited by the International Exhibition Union (UFI). Since its inception in 1959, it has become one of the most famous fairs in Europe, with a wide range of radiation malls.

The last exhibition attracted 1,708 exhibiting companies from 34 countries around the world. The number of foreign companies accounted for 48%, and the net exhibition area was about 42,784 square meters, attracting 84,210 professional visitors from 52 countries. The Czech Machinery Exhibition is the main window for the display of advanced technology in the European region. The 3D measurement skills, automation products, machine tools, new energy aircraft and cars and various professional machinery and equipment exhibited during the exhibition showcased internationally leading skills and innovations. idea. A number of professional conferences and forums were held during the exhibition to provide a major platform for promoting industry exchanges.

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