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HBS Laser Tech Offer The Laser Marking Machine Solution

- Jan 31, 2018 -

General laser marking solution:

In order to provide you with a more professional service and industrial laser solutions, we provide a series of services to meet the program's establishment:

1. First of all, through the sales staff to know HBS laser products, and have a further understanding. Then we know more about your company's products and your requirements of laser processing.

2. We hope your company can provide a certain number of samples for the trails of marking and testing.  In order to achieve your most satisfied goal, we need to do the test on the product you provided.

3.  After confirming the result of the sample and combining with the production needs of your company, we will formulate a number of marking equipment solutions tailored to you through the technical cooperation of R & D personnel and others.

4. After the test and communication, we finally determine the solution that is most suitable for your production.

5. We can offer you the most professional laser marking equipment and services, bring you the greatest production efficiency.

6. Welcome to visit the company, see and look and study! If you need to know the specific information, please contact us! customers' satisfaction is our pursuit!

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