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HBS Will Take The Laser Marking Machine To The Exhibition Of METAV 2018 Trade Show

- Jan 15, 2018 -

HBS will take the laser marking machines to the exhibition of METAV 2018 Trade Show, Germany on 20-24 Feb

There are so many companies and manufacturers also with new technology. Not only the marking machine but also many other machine tools, Machine tool accessories and spare parts and equipment such as: material handling equipment, control motors, power transmission equipment, hydraulic pneumatic components, lubricants and test equipment; welding equipment, heat treatment equipment; abrasive abrasive, mold processing equipment, test equipment, rapid prototyping equipment , Injection molding equipment, mold polishing equipment, mold standard parts; wire and cable, instrumentation, electrical appliances and so on.

Name: METAV Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Time:20-24 Feb 2018 

Place:Messe Dusseldorf, DüsseldorfGermany

Technologically: stirring. Economically: invigorating.

At the heart of the most powerful conurbation in Europe, METAV will again be presenting in 2018 a full overview of metalworking technologies for professionals and investors. Supported by a transparent layout and optimal structure, METAV will provide the answers for modern production. Yet again, Dusseldorf will become the workshop city of numerous user industries in dialogue with technology, service, and state-of-the-art metalworking providers. The ideal business environment for investments, the perfect platform for navigating through all areas of production technologies with international impact.

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