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How To Choose Laser Equipment

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Beijing HBS laser equipment for any industrial design. No matter what your needs, the constant HBS laser can find a suitable model for you. Beijing HBS engineers will provide every customer a unique set of solutions. We will be of the processing quality, production efficiency, production costs, afford the price, etc. as a reference factor, matching the most suitable laser equipment you need!

In order to determine what models are best for you, there are three questions you need to answer, to help our engineers choose the right model for you, and quotes!

1: What material do you want to process?

The availability of lasers and the selection of the correct laser power depends on what material you are working on. For example, when quartz glass is laser cut, the local heating time will burst, so the laser can only engrave the surface quickly and can not cut it.

2: What size material do you want to process?

The size of the material is to determine how many workouts table laser equipment conditions. Determining the maximum size often encountered during normal machining is more reasonable as the size of the working platform for mechanical equipment.

3: How do you want to process the material?

Knowing how you want to process the material, you can confirm the availability of laser equipment and the type of laser equipment you choose. Whether the laser can achieve the effect you want, the cost of the laser is cost-effective, etc., are also our engineers for your matching models to be considered.

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