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How to Mark on Buttons?

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Buttons are back to the fashion zone in order to decorate the clothes. Flexible processing can give fashion designers more inspiration so that buttons can be more attractive to the customers.


Laser marking techniques have played a key role for designers to enrich the button pattern. It uses high-energy laser on the button to mark on the patten. 

To meet the demand of the button market, HBS laser company has launched CO2 laser marking machine series to mark on wood, coconut shell, bamboo, resin, plastic and other non-metallic buttons. The CO2 laser marking machine has the following characteristics:

1. Environmental-friendly: Marking process does not produce sewage and toxic gases.

2. Low Cost: No manpower, small consumption.

3. High Effect: Easy to use software, fast data processing, accurate and efficient marking effect.

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