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How to Mark Trademark on the Clothes Hangers?

- Mar 06, 2018 -

Most of the wood hangers in the clothing store are marked with the trademark of their own brands. Wood hangers belong to non-metallic materials. Therefore, the trademark needs to use a CO2 laser marking machine to mark on patterns, text, logo and etc.


The principle of CO2 laser marking machine:

CO2 laser is a kind of gas laser, which produces a wavelength of 10.6um. CO2 laser has a relatively large power and high electro-optical conversion efficiency.

As the working medium, CO2 gases go into the discharge tube. When CO2 gas is given a high voltage discharge via the electrode, the CO2 gas molecules release the laser. 

Application of CO2 marking machine is widely used in clothing leather, buttons, glasses, craft gifts, electronic components, food packaging, plexiglass, fabric cutting, building ceramics, PCB, rubber products, shell nameplate marking and cutting.

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