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Inspection Method Of Laser Marking Machine

- Oct 09, 2017 -

Metal laser marking machine in the course of the use of human injury there are two: the skin and eye damage. But if you take the necessary protective measures, will be able to prevent harm to people. Laser damage to the skin: the human skin due to the physiological structure has a very sensitive touch, pain, temperature and other functions, constitute a perfect maintenance layer. And the skin is composed of multiple tissue levels, with different cells in each layer. When the laser shines on the skin, if the energy (power) is too large can cause skin damage, of course, damage can be restored by the organization, although the function has been landing, but does not affect the overall functional structure.Laser Marking Machine

Because the laser is radiant, so in the course of the need to prevent the laser radiation, this can refer to the metal marking machine operation method. After the skin absorbs the laser energy beyond the safe threshold, the skin of the affected area will appear with erythema, blister, coagulation, and thermo-coking, boiling, extinguishing and thermally vaporizing with the dose increase. So the mechanism of laser damage to the skin is mainly caused by the thermal effect of the laser. After the skin absorbs the laser energy, part of the skin temperature rises in a short time.Laser Marking Machine

Metal laser marking machine solution: check all the power cable; high-pressure krypton lamp aging, replace the krypton lamp. Operation of laser metal laser marking machine Note: no water or water cycle is not normal circumstances to start the laser power and Q power supply; does not allow Q power no-load work (that is, Q power supply output floating); abnormal phenomenon, first off Galvanometer switch and key switch, check again; do not allow the krypton lamp to ignite the other components before starting to prevent high pressure fleeing into the damaged components; pay attention to the laser power output (anode) vacant, to prevent and other electrical ignition, breakdown Keep the inner circulating water clean. Regularly clean the water tank and clean the deionized water or pure water.Laser Marking Machine

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