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Introduction Of Application Range Of Magnetic Chip Remover

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Magnetic chip machine applicable: For short roll design, applicable to metal iron filings, fine iron filings, casting iron filings. Can be widely used in machining centers, combined with machine tools, milling machines, drilling machines, broaching machines, automatic lathes, gear processing machine tools and other mechanical processing equipment and automatic line of iron scrap transport and wet processing coolant in the iron filings, thus purifying the cooling liquid. Also can be used as a guide to small parts of the conveyor and hoist, modern machining industry is an ideal supporting equipment.Magnetic Chip Remover

Magnetic chip Machine Product Features: Quantitative discharge, does not produce overload. Reliable work, stable operation, low noise and long life. Using automatic tightening mechanism, automatic adjustment of the whole chain tightness. This product is divided into the magnetic plate and magnetic roller type of two structures, according to customer requirements design.Magnetic Chip Remover

     Magnetic chip machine using permanent magnet material produced by the magnetic force of the strong magnetic field, the chip is adsorbed on the working magnetic plate of the chip machine, or the particle, powder and the length ≤ 150 mm in the oil and emulsion are separated and transported to the designated chip location or the collecting box. It can handle iron filings and non-rolls of powder, granular and length less than 100 mm, or separate the oil and emulsion from the chips, and transmit them to the designated waste bins.Magnetic Chip Remover

    Any equipment to have a long service life, in addition, to follow the correct way of operation, regular maintenance is also very important. The chip-cutting device is also a kind of mechanical equipment, so this principle is the same for it, lest because of some small links to the equipment caused greater damage.Magnetic Chip Remover

    Lubrication for the chip device has a very important role, it can ensure that the equipment after a long period of use can still maintain good precision, so according to the actual situation of the discharge area regularly lubrication, mainly used lubricants are molybdenum disulfide.Magnetic Chip Remover

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